Visible Angels Virtual Summer Day Camp - August 31st, 2020

by Hera Mubashar ,

Visible Angels have designed a Virtual Summer Day Camp on August 31st, 2020 for families who are part of their non-profit organization. Visible Angels is a non-profit organization for mothers who have a child with Special Needs and Disabilities. Visible Angels was created in October 2019, by a group of mothers in the GTA. Our mission is to support and advocate for individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities, and also their families. Originally we planned a “March Day Camp” for our families during March Break week, but due to the COVID-19 situation, we had to cancel the event. With the support of the TakingITGlobal and Rising Youth organization, we have planned on having a virtual event for our families. We have been creating ‘activity packages’ to deliver to our families so they can use the materials given for the virtual event. In these packages, it has playdough, bubbles, colouring pages, crayons, party favor toys, and more. For our virtual event, we have planned lots of fun activities such as playdough mini-challenges, storytime about inclusion and special needs, colouring activity, zumba, puppet decorating, memory game and science experiment! We can’t wait to send off our activity packages to the families and we are looking forward to the Virtual Summer Day Camp! To support our non-profit organization, follow us on our social media platforms down below!

To Connect With Us:

Instagram: @visible_angels

Twitter: @visibleangelss

Facebook Group: Visible Angels


Our Activity Packages for Our Families!

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