Economic Recovery Strategy: Investment

The “new normal” that is being created throughout the economy will provide opportunities as companies review, and potentially restructure, their operations and supply chains. The City of Brampton will seize these opportunities by supporting our local companies as they adapt to new realities, building on our strategic advantages like logistics, and looking internationally for companies that would benefit from investing in Brampton. 

Virtual Missions will become a core capability as efforts re-focus on business retention & expansion (BR&E) and on investment attraction domestically and internationally. These missions will leverage innovative technology to deliver roundtable discussions, networking opportunities, workshops and tours across all sectors of the Brampton economy. 

Invest Brampton Website

New website – redesigned to improve the user experience for local businesses, entrepreneurs and potential foreign investors, provides access to the tools and resources needed to grow their business in Brampton. With a focus on interactivity, the new website makes it easy to find information quickly and easily and connect with expert advisors. The new site features an interactive site selection tool and a chat capability is built into every page. Support Local Campaign encourages residents to explore, select and buy local. The #SupportLocalBrampton campaign will be sustained over the long term with multiple stages. To amplify the message, a marketing toolbox was created for businesses. For more information, visit

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) New programs are being developed to offer incentives in different areas in the City and existing programs are under review. Design of the existing and new programs will address the new realities that COVID-19 has created.