Thank You Sofia!
Thank you City of Brampton, Covid-19 Task Force! Your organization is invaluable to the people that are faced with food insecurity during these difficult times. As the situation evolves and demands grow during the pandemic, your team always manages to stays on top so no family is left behind. Knights Table and Regen are doing a remarkable job with providing hot meals, fresh fruits and vegetables along with a variety of non-perishable food items to those in need i.e. diapers, baby formula, disinfectant cleaning supplies and of course TOILET PAPER. I started my journey as a volunteer to drop off food to families in early April with a renewed sense of community that we are stronger together and that I needed to help my fellow neighbors in any way possible. The best part of volunteering without a doubt, is seeing the smiles on people faces and sharing a moment of laughter with the kids as we continue to maintain our social distance. It is truly a humbling experience to be serving the community in such an impactful way and to be part of an amazing group of volunteers and staff. I especially want to thank the Volunteer Coordinators for greeting us with flying kisses, air hugs, and kind words and always making sure we are keeping safe. TOGETHER as EVER as ONE - Sofia Hassan