Keeping Brampton Clean - A Community Initiative

by N4SHID,

Hello there,

My name is Nashid Ahmed. I'm 21 years old, and I currently live in Downtown Brampton with my mom. I'm in business school, aspiring to be a musician in the future. I was told to post about this initiative by someone who saw my post about this initiative on Facebook, so I figured I would!

Growing up, I always was concerned about pollution, waste, and litter - the lattermost of which is a personal pet peeve of mine. During the quarantine, I didn't have much to do, so after I got some other personal goals done, my friends and I decided to buy a reacher grabber claw and go around the pond close to Mount Pleasant Village and pick up the trash. During the frequent walks that I take on the Etobicoke Creek trail, I noticed a ridiculous amount of litter there too, so I got to cleaning there as well. Eventually, I realized that not only is Brampton too big of a city for me to clean by myself, but I wouldn't even have the time to hit every neighbourhood even if I tried, especially after quarantine ended.

I decided during a clean-up that I would divide up my labour, then. I put together a small initiative to buy a claw similar to the ones my friends and I had, for anyone and everyone who was willing to help keep their neighbourhoods clean. Just yesterday, all of the claws came in, and I plan on hand-delivering them to everyone who requested one for themselves and their friends very soon. I'm pretty happy with the turnout so far, given how recently I started doing this. I thought I should post about it here too so I can spread the word.

My plan with this initiative is to slowly, but eventually, create a culture around Brampton that is more cognitive and considerate of how littering affects their communities. Brampton is a beautiful city despite its reputation, and I want to truly bring beauty to the Flower City - after all, what good are flowers in a sea of trash? I hope our communities can come together, and even if they're not personally picking up the trash themselves, they're hopefully thinking twice about what they're leaving behind.

My instagram post promoting this initiative can be found in the picture below, and on my instagram page at!

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