Visible Angels: An Non-Profit Organization for Parents with a Child with Special Needs and Disabilities

by Hera,

Visible Angels is a non-profit organization for mothers who have a child with Special Needs and Disabilities. Visible Angels was created in October 2019, by a group of mothers in the GTA. After seeing the desperate need, these mothers connected and advocated on behalf of children, youth, and adults with disabilities. They also realized that along with promoting awareness within the community, the need of the individuals and their families need to be supported. The Visible Angels have touched many families not just in the GTA, but throughout Canada and internationally. Our mission is to support and advocate for individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities, and their families. Our goal is to advocate for equality and awareness as well to provide education and training for mothers. This boosts confidence and provides the knowledge to face the challenges of their particular everyday life. Before COVID 19 started, we arranged a mother's meetups so that the mothers could connect and relax in a social atmosphere! There were also activities that were always planned for the kids so that they could have fun and play. Training workshops and seminars continue to happen and support is one of the key concepts of our organization. COVID 19 has made life more challenging for everyone. But at Visible Angels, it is our job to think outside the box for solutions! We are all affected and this helps us to help each other. We also have an online Whatsapp group called “Blessed Mothers” that is available for any mother to join. In this Whatsapp group, mothers stay in touch with each other in the group and ask questions within a safe place. It’s also a great forum to chat, relax, and socialize with other mothers who know what you are going through. We welcome any parents or caregivers who have a child, youth, or an adult with Special Needs and Disabilities. Together, we can make a difference in the community and promote inclusion for everyone!

To Connect With Us:

Instagram: @visible_angels

Twitter: @visibleangelss

Facebook Group: Visible Angels

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anman almost 2 years ago
This is so great! Such an awesome idea. Mothers with special needs children help each other cope with their lives and share stories and ideas with each others! May God bless their efforts. This group should be all over Canada connecting families and communities together in such a unique way.
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