Volunteers reflect on helping the City’s Youth Support Task Force

"As everything with COVID-19 started to unfold, it became apparent that those who were going to be most affected by the closures and job cuts were going to be those who were already disadvantaged in our communities. I wanted to volunteer with this task force because I felt it was important as a fellow community member to assist in any way I can to those individuals that still need the help during such a scary and stressful time. Those who have helped with the task force have been friendly, helpful, and accommodating during my time volunteering these past few months which has definitely helped to make this an overall positive experience for me! The fact that despite everything going on, people are still willing to volunteer, donate, and just help in any way they can during this time is so inspiring; and on top of that, seeing the positive impact it has on those who need the help really does make the volunteering feel worthwhile!"

- Kalee Morgan, COVID-19 Youth Task Force Volunteer

“I was presented the idea of volunteering at the task for a few short weeks ago from a member of a legion I am involved in and I thought it could be a great way to give back to the community and help people who need it, and it has really given me a sense of appreciation for all of the things I have access too and some families may not. I’m so thankful I’ve started volunteering, I really enjoy getting the opportunity to do something good for others who need it.”

-Mackenzie Nolan, COVID-19 Youth Task Force Volunteer

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