What are Public-Private Partnerships?

    Public-private partnerships (P3) involve collaboration between a government agency and a private-sector company that can be used to finance, build, and operate projects, such as public transportation networks, parks, stadiums and convention centers. Public-private partnerships can allow a project to be completed sooner.

    What are the expectations for the EOI?

    The intent of the EOI is to solicit interest and partnership opportunities with Private sector enterprise.

    How can I become involved in the process?

    Stay in touch with us by reaching out and asking to join our mailing list. You will receive updates on project milestones and key consultation dates.

    Can I suggest some potential stakeholders who would be interested in partnering on this project?

    Please send your suggestion via email: citylands@brampton.ca

    Will more jobs be created as a result of this project?

    Yes. The future community is anticipated to be a new walkable, transit-oriented, and sustainable mixed-use community with a range of commercial uses as well as, high density residential. The new Multi-Purpose Cricket Facility is intended to act as an anchor for a sports and entertainment district and be a catalyst for the larger development project

    Why is the multi-purpose facility tied to Cricket?

    The need for a Multi-Purpose Cricket Facility has been driven by increasing demand for cricket use by Brampton residents. The growth and demand for cricket pitches in Brampton is outpacing availability of locations for rent. Although mainly reserved for cricket, it is expected that a future Multi-Purpose Cricket Facility would be suitable for other uses, including other sports and special events, outdoor seasonal events (festivals, concerts), educational uses (graduation ceremonies), performances, movie screenings, public art installations, etc.

    Will this project impact the hockey arena currently on the site?

    It is the City’s intention to retain the hockey arena (CAA Centre, formerly the Powerade Centre). The new multi-purpose facility will not impact the operations of the arena.

    Will the City continue to own and operate the multi-purpose cricket facility after this project is complete?

    Through this project, the City would explore a framework and public-private-partnership (P3) option for a Multi-Purpose Cricket Facility at the project site lands, where the City retains ownership of all or most of the surrounding lands, and options for possible partnerships with the private sector for development and/or management of the facility, subsequent to Council approval.

    What are the advantages of pursuing this project through a public-private partnership?

    A public private partnership of this nature has the potential to drive design innovation and potentially can create efficiencies in the construction and operating risks with a partner who has direct experience. Linking the development of the real estate and the new Multi-Purpose Cricket Facility may also yield benefits in terms of project co-ordination, economies of scale and design efficiencies.