Economic Recovery Strategy: Arts Culture and Tourism

Achieving economic resiliency and competitive advantages requires a vibrant arts, culture and tourism sector. These sectors build our City brand which in turns grows the economy. 

Along with the tourism industry, cultural and creative sectors are among the most affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic. With a significant loss of revenue-generating activities due to travel limitations, venue closures and event cancellations, COVID-19 has had substantial impacts on the Arts, Culture and Tourism sectors. 

The themes of the City’s Culture Master Plan (Supporting Success, Developing a Community of Practice and Building Brampton’s Identity) remain relevant and are required in the effort to transform the city’s current cultural environment into a thriving arts scene. In addition, the sector requires additional support in order to be a key contributor to the City’s recovery efforts. The following initiatives focus on sector support and industry development to stabilize and transform the city’s current arts, culture and tourism sector: 

  • Delivered a temporary COVID-19 Relief Fund for Artists and Non-Profit Arts Organizations to provide emergency relief funds for Bramptonbased non-profit arts organizations and individual artists to help offset a portion of revenue losses as a direct result of COVID-19 in 2020. 
  • Undertook a digital transformation for events and performing arts. 
  • Launching the start-up and incubation of Brampton’s first Arts, Culture and Creative Industry Development Agency that will provide leadership, advocacy and critical services including programs, funding, and resources to support the sector.
  • Developing a five-year tourism strategy that will focus on destination development and marketing, recognizing the impact that COVID-19 will have on the travel market now and well into the future.