Economic Recovery Strategy: Overview

The Economic Support Task Force guided the development of an Economic Recovery Strategy that aims to bring resilience and competitive advantage to the Brampton economy. The Strategy will evolve over time as actions are implemented and evaluated. The immediate initiatives outlined in this document are highlights of the work that is underway. Four cornerstones guide our recovery strategy and are held together by talent and diversity. To advance all aspects of the Economic Recovery Strategy, we will continue to build our talent pipeline and approach every initiative through a diversity lens.

Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship

We will fully adopt an innovation and technology transformation and capitalize on entrepreneurship. This cornerstone involves supporting companies across all sectors and size of business in adopting new technology as part of their own recovery strategies, as well as investing in the up and coming Brampton Innovation District. The District will develop into an ecosystem with resources for innovation and tech companies in all stages including start-up, scale-up, small and mediumsized enterprises, and large corporates.


We will seize opportunities to attract and retain investment. We will identify our strategic advantages in logistics and advanced manufacturing, and look internationally for companies that would benefit from investing in Brampton, and create an environment that instills consumer confidence.


We will take advantage of stimulus programs and bring a job creation focus to projects. Initiatives under this cornerstone include investment in technology focused infrastructure to attract investment and supporting private sector investments, as well as investment in natural infrastructure to build an economy that is more efficient and less polluting.

Arts, Culture & Tourism

We will focus on sector support and industry development to stabilize and transform the city’s current cultural environment into a thriving arts scene – replete with opportunities to produce, participate in and consume creative products that drive cultural and community progress, grow the local economy, attract investment and build Brampton’s identity.