Since the start of the pandemic, the Seniors Support Task Force provided grocery support to seniors. This included grocery delivery through volunteers as well a grocery payment program where the City paid up front and invoiced seniors upon grocery delivery.  

Now that Brampton is in Stage 3 recovery phase, this service has been modified. Seniors can continue to receive supports through the City’s referral program. This is how it works:

Call 311 or email if you require information on resources. A staff member will be able to guide you through the available resources listed below. If you require urgent food support, our Social Support Task Force can help arrange for food bank support. 

You may also reach these organizations directly for support:

Animal Services Pet Food Program

The Senior Support Task Force and the City of Brampton Animal Services recognize that pets are part of the family and are keen to keep families together. 

Animal Services would like to serve as a community resource to those struggling to provide food for their pets. 

Their program is in its infancy, initially they would like to target their outreach by focusing on low-income seniors and persons with disabilities in need of assistance. 

They are hoping to partner with like-minded organizations/property managers in the hopes of quickly distributing pet food to those most in need. They can provide dog and/or cat food and explore supporting other types of pets as the need arises.

Partnership requests can be submitted online to or by phone at 905-458-5800; point of contact is James LaFlamme. Requests should mention "pet food assistance" or "pet food pantry" in the subject.