The Senior Task Force is supporting Brampton's seniors by assigning volunteers to assist with groceries.

Looking for help with grocery pick-up?

Please stay home and contact us if you need help with resources or information. Call 311 or email us at

Are you able to visit a store in person?

  • Many grocery stores provide special shopping hours for seniors, usually an hour earlier before opening to the public. When at the store, please be sure to maintain a 2 metre distance from other people. Try to limit your trips to a maximum of once a week or once in 10 days.
  • Click here to view a list of grocery stores who offer special hours for seniors.

Have a payment card but need support? 

The protection of personal banking and credit card information is a key priority for the City. You or your trusted family member or friend can place an online order with grocery stores that are offering this service.

Grocery Shopping Online Resource List:

 Please note, several stores could change this service, so be sure to check their website first. 

Need help with pick up and delivery?

  • If you don’t have anyone to pick up and drop off the items, call 311 or email at least 24 hours before your scheduled pick up time. 
  • A volunteer will be in touch with you will arrange to pick up items and drop them off at your home through a non-contact delivery model. Please ensure to provide your order details, such as a reference number, store location and pick up time.  

No payment card and no support available?

No problem. The City has a payment program to help you. All you have to do is call 311 or email and provide your list of items. The City has collaborated with Longos, India Bazaar Fresh Piks and Indian Bazaar to be able to place and pay for your groceries order and pay for it on your behalf. After the items have been delivered to you by a City volunteer, you will be mailed an invoice from the City of Brampton. How does this work?

  • A City of Brampton volunteer will contact you. Please allow 24-48 hours to place your order. This is required as the City has internal processes in place to authorize the payment it makes on your behalf. 
  • For long weekends be sure to place your order at least a week in advance.
  • A volunteer will contact you regarding pick up and delivery dates and time. The volunteer will drop off the items at your home through a non-contact delivery model.
  • Residents will be sent an invoice for grocery orders through mail, payable upon receipt. Invoices can be paid by cheque or credit card prior to the due date. 

For seniors who cannot financially afford these basic items or do not have a credit card, please contact our Social Support Task Force at 311 or email

For any additional questions, please contact our Support Task Force at 311 or email. Inquiries will be responded to as soon as possible. However, response times will be reduced during weekends and holidays. We appreciate your patience.

How does grocery shopping support work? 

A City staff member connects with a senior to place their order with an assigned pick-up date and time. The City pre-pays for the order and the senior receives an invoice. We then contact a volunteer to confirm that they have been assigned to a delivery. The volunteer picks up the order and delivers it to the senior while following physical distancing practices.

The City of Brampton has created partnerships with Longo’s and Indian Bazaar Fresh Piks to help make this program possible.

Our volunteers are vital to the grocery support program. Here are just some of the incredible people delivering groceries to seniors in our community. Click here to see What our Volunteers Say.