Where are masks mandatory? Does the by-law apply only to City facilities?

    Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces – not just City facilities. The mask must be worn in any indoor area that is openly accessible to the public.

    Examples of BusinessesWhere a mask is requiredWhere a mask is not required
    Retail stores
    • Retail floor/aisles
    • Cashier area/queues
    • Service desks/counters
    • Publicly accessible washrooms

    • Staff lounge
    • Stock / storage room
    • Workshop / service area
    • Private office
    • Shipping / receiving area
    • Outdoor patios
    • Display areas that is part of the retail space (e.g. outdoor garden centre)
    • Line-ups to enter store

    • Indoor takeout counters
    • Indoor dining area (when permitted to open)
    • Indoor food preparation areas that is open to the public

    • Outdoor drive-thru windows
    • Outdoor dining area
    • Kitchen that is physically separated from the dining area and not accessible to the public
    • Staff lounge / private office
    • Shipping / receiving area not open to the public

    Indoor areas open to the public
    • Outdoor areas open to the public
    • Administrative offices, service areas or other areas not open to the public

    Which businesses are exempt from the by-law?

    The following businesses are exempt from the by-law?

    • hospitals and portions of buildings used by regulated health professionals;
    • buildings owned or services operated by the Province of Ontario or the Federal Government of Canada;
    • portions of community centres, arenas or other buildings that are being used for the purpose of providing day camps for children or for the training of amateur or professional athletes;
    • portions of community centres, arenas or other buildings operated by the Municipality that are being used for the purpose of providing community services or programs for which registration is required; and
    • school transportation vehicles

    Now that masks are mandatory, does that mean we no longer have to practise physical distancing when we’re inside?

    No, physical distancing is still necessary. Wearing a mask will not, on its own, eliminate COVID-19. Please follow the Core Four actions to help us overcome COVID-19:

    1. Stay apart: Maintain 2-metres distance from everyone outside your safe social circle.

    2. Lather up: Wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

    3. Mask up: Wear a non-medical mask where maintaining physical distancing is difficult and where masks are mandatory. Protect the supply of medical grade masks for health care workers.

    4. Get tested: If you think you might have COVID-19 or have been exposed to it you should get tested. While waiting for test results, stay home, self-isolate and prevent potential spread.

    Can a storeowner deny me service if I’m not wearing a mask?

    Yes, a storeowner can prevent you from entering their place of business if you are not wearing a mask, unless you have a legitimate reason for exemption (see FAQ regarding exemptions). If you enter contrary to their consent, you will be trespassing and the storeowner can call 311 to request by-law officers to attend their place of business.

    What should I do if I see people not wearing masks in indoor public places?

    If you see people without masks in indoor public places, whenever possible, notify store personnel or call 311 to report it.

    How will this by-law be enforced? Can I get a ticket for not wearing a mask?

    If by-law officers see people without masks in indoor public spaces, they will issue tickets to those people if they don’t have a reason for an exemption. 

    They may also charge the business owner if they knowingly allowed people into their place of business without an exemption or masks.

    If someone ignores a business owner’s direction to wear a mask or leave, the business owner can call 311 and the offender may be fined by by-law officers. 

    How long will masks be mandatory?

    The City of Brampton’s mandatory mask by-law will be in effect for a temporary period of time expiring at 12:01 a.m. on April 1, 2022 unless extended by Council.

    How old do my children have to be to wear a mask?

    Children two years of age and under are not required to wear a mask. Children from 3-5 years of age are encouraged to wear a mask but aren’t required to if they refuse and cannot be persuaded to do so by their caregiver.

    How should I dispose of my disposable mask?

    Never discard your mask anywhere but in the garbage.

    Who doesn’t need to wear a mask?

    Some people are not able to wear a mask. They do not need to provide proof. Please be respectful of people who disclose that they are not able to wear a mask.

    The following individuals would be exempt from the requirement to wear a mask:

    • children 2 years of age or younger;
    • children between the ages of 3 and 5 who refuse to wear a mask and cannot be persuaded to do so by their caregiver;
    • Persons who have trouble breathing or are otherwise unable to wear a mask for medical reasons or by reason of disability, including Persons unable to place or remove a mask without assistance;
    • Persons who are engaged in an athletic, fitness, or aquatic activity in accordance with the Emergency Orders;
    • Persons while consuming food or drink provided such businesses are permitted to operate under the Emergency Orders and all other conditions of the Emergency Orders are met;
    • Persons while receiving services involving the face and requiring the removal of a mask, provided such services are permitted to operate under the Emergency Orders and provided 2.0 metre distance is maintained from all other persons other than the person providing the service;

    The by-law also provides an exemption for employees working in areas not accessible by the public, and for police, fire and paramedics during the course of an emergency call.

    Are masks mandatory on Brampton Transit? Will that be enforced?

    Yes, non-medical masks are mandatory on all Brampton Transit buses and at terminals, with exceptions. Those with medical issues or a disability that may prohibit them from wearing a mask, and children under the age of two, don’t have to wear one. Under the City by-law, Enforcement may issue tickets for non-compliance. Our Operators will not be enforcing or denying rides as there are exceptions to the by-law, but are encouraged to continue to educate the public that masks are mandatory on Brampton Transit. Click here to learn more.

    Are masks mandatory in common areas of apartments and condominiums?

    Yes. On August 5, 2020 the Mandatory Face Coverings by-law was amended to make masks mandatory in common areas of all apartments, condominiums, hotels and motels and short term accommodations in Brampton. This includes vestibules, lobbies, hallways, stairs, elevators, underground parking levels, meeting rooms and other common use amenity spaces. On September 29, 2021 Council extended the Mandatory Mask By-law to April 1, 2022. Note, face coverings are not permitted. Only non-medical masks must be worn.

    Can I wear a face shield instead of a mask?

    No, a face shield is not an alternative to a non-medical mask and is not included in the definition of a mask in By-law 135-2020. It does not provide the same level of protection (face shields can leave gaps between the face shield and face).

    For those who have an exemption and cannot tolerate wearing a mask safely, a face shield is better than no mask and may provide some protection. If a face shield is used, it should extend below the chin and wrap around the sides of the face. Throw out disposable face shields after each use, or if reusable, clean and disinfect after each use. https://www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/prevention/#masks